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For Parents

Parenting is hard work! Even when you're doing your best, it can still leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear and solution focused encouragement. Someone to help you brainstorm creative parenting strategies. I provide virtual coaching and consulting that brings hope to your family.


This 30 min. consulting session is for parents who desire a brainstorming session with a solution focused parenting expert. 



Coaching equips parents with practical tools for effective parenting and ends with uplifting calls to action. Virtual Coaching addresses 1 obstacle over 3, 30 min. sessions.  



As your parent partner, collaborating involves working together for 4 weeks, addressing multiple concerns. We will test multiple strategies, and identify clear values. Upon completion, you will have a vision statement that guides everything you do.


For Kids

Most of us take teaching basic life skills for granted because we develop them as we grow and use them every day. Whether you’re wanting to introduce basic life skills to your child or you’d like to refresh and fine-tune, allow me to help you teach your children

(Ages 5 - 13) these skills, which are important to any child’s future success in school and life. 

Basic Skills

For children and adolescents who need additional support with basic life skills, and find it difficult to follow instructions, accept decisions, or disagree appropriately. 2 Skills will be chosen to further develop. 

$35 per class

Advanced Skills

We will quickly review 3 basic skills and build on these to include more advanced life skills (showing respect, problem solving, etc.). This includes 1-2 skills identified by the child and 2 skills identified by the parent. 

$35 per class

Achievement Skills

This is to support children with the development of more complex skills like organization, self-monitoring and reflection, conflict resolution, and more. We will identify 2 skills of the child's choice, and 2-3 skills of the parent's choice. 

$35 per class



5 Class Bundle




10 Class Bundle




20 Class Bundle



*Discounts based off of single class pricing.

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